5 Modern Kitchen Ideas

5 Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern kitchens use smart designs and sleek styles to create impressive spaces for cooking, eating and entertaining. Explore our best modern kitchen schemes and find your perfect appearance from 100 photos. We also have a lot of inspiration for rural kitchens and traditional kitchens. And if you really can’t decide, we have 100 kitchen ideas that cover all styles and trends for you to explore.

1. Open plan kitchen-diner with blue island and cabinetry

A series of floor-to-ceiling windows and large ceilings work together in this restaurant-kitchen to create a bright and airy space. Wooden cabinets and upholstery add contemporary colors. A row of three glass hanging lamp shades complete the modern look.

2. Urban kitchen with white tiles and exposed bulb lights

The room worked very well, with a sink overlooking the garden and lots of storage space. Black and open grouting lights paired with neon signs give this scheme an urban, contemporary side, while vintage elements give the kitchen a mismatched look.

3. Modern white handleless kitchen with black walls

The bare bones of this kitchen are really very modern classics, but the creative touches really change it. Black paint doesn’t take up a lot of wall space, but the little that you see really looks amazing. Where the kitchen is relatively narrow, a long island is a good idea. The seating area here serves as a second dining table.

4. Neutral wood kitchen with black worktops and lime-green accents

Dark worktops are a practical choice, because food stains will not be seen. They also add a little drama to the standard wooden units. In any neutral scheme, the color hit works really well and that’s what blind-lime-green and other accessories do here.

5. Glossy white kitchen with shimmering mosaic tiles

Give a ride to the shiny white kitchen with a sparkling sparkle. These mosaic tiles look amazing and are much easier to install than you imagine. With tiles that are 30cm x 30cm in size, you don’t need to worry about positioning the small mosaic itself.