10 Kitchen Pictures Smart Home

10 Kitchen Pictures Smart Home

Equipped with sophisticated black-and-white motifs with a pleasant blend of shapes and patterns, this spacious kitchen combines high style with high technology, plus plenty of practical storage.

1. More Efficient Cooking

The black, 30 inch double wall smart oven includes a smooth, heavy duty sliding roller rack and true European convection that provides faster and more even cooking results.

2. Bright White Kitchen is Sophisticated, Transitional

The soothing color story creates a clean and family-friendly kitchen that is truly the heart of the home. Clean white cabinets clad in granite surfaces with glowing edges. Backsplash tiles add metallic luster and a touch of glamor to the room.

3. Sophisticated Kitchen Design

Homeowners want a space that is rich in texture with simple shades, so the designers try to achieve that goal by using cabinets which are a mixture of wood and glass that is repainted. Black granite is added to countertops, backsplash and range hoods. This creates a sleek and sleek design for the heart of this sophisticated home.

4. Sophisticated Galley Kitchen With Teal Runner

Regardless of its size, this small apartment offers a sophisticated kitchen that is packed with the best amenities. The front glass door keeps the cabinet from overloading the room, while a small runner points to the eclectic living room right outside the fridge.

5. Family-Friendly Kitchen is Sophisticated, Transitional

In the center of the kitchen is a waterfall island with a classic marble table, a large brass geometric pendant and a blue imitation leather bench with a brass frame. The backsplash tile behind the oven is geometric marble with a metal inlay, which creates a glamorous focal point.

6. Open Concept, Modern Kitchen

A large white panda marble island with a waterfront center, a modern open plan kitchen with walnut cabinets and bright glam furniture.

7. Sophisticated Gray and White Kitchen with Glossy Cabinets

A gray cupboard with a glossy sheen is the star of this kitchen. A white marble backsplash and kitchen island with a waterfall table and sleek white bar stools really stand out in contrast to gray. Hanging lamps hang above the island, adding a touch of black accent.

8. Cool Gray and White Kitchen is Sophisticated

Beautiful marble backsplash and countertops make bold statements in this sleek contemporary kitchen. A soft gray island filled with much needed storage, while elegant chandeliers bring a touch of glamor to the room.

9. A Sophisticated, White Kitchen with Traditional Panache

These kitchens combine traditional white cabinets with dark wood floors to create a beautiful contrast. With its parallel counter and lack of islands, kitchen-style kitchens are uniquely designed for efficiency and practicality. A smooth dark accent line adorns the white cabinet, giving the kitchen an interesting detail.

10. Sophisticated, Transitional Eat-In Kitchen

This elegant transitional kitchen in warm shades of gray and wood features a long two-level kitchen island designed for five guests with plenty of counter space. A large chandelier hung above the island and a modern tiled floor with most kitchen utensils covered with gray wood panels.