10 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas

10 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas

Dreaming of a kitchen renovation? Before you knock down any wall, start small and give your heart a decent upgrade using this stylish space for inspiration. Simple swaps like new benches, lamps or even cupboards can update your kitchen in an instant, and don’t miss our favorite paint ideas too.

1. Pattern Pile-On

As you would in a comfortable bedroom, stacks in molds to your heart’s desire, starting with accent walls that are covered in one pattern, and colorful carpets in another.

2. Stacked Shelving

Replace the top cabinet with a floating shelf to make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Co-founder of Beautiful Mess’s blog, Elsie Larson, stores items that are rarely used at the top.

3. Finishing Touches

Follow the instructions from the Studio McGee design team by updating your hardware or displaying items that you have hidden in the cupboard to update the kitchen in one evening.

4. Upper Storage

Floating shelves may be a popular thing, but here Uma Stewart explains how to mix open shelves and traditional top cabinets. Try placing a shelf around the kitchen window to allow more light to enter.

5. Durable Countertops

The Napa Valley farmhouse relies on Caesarstone’s scratch resistance (Good Housekeeping Seal holder!) For easy cleaning. Striped carpet adds comfort under the feet.

6. Matching Rugs

Fill the floor space around the island with comfortable rugs that are easy on the feet and eyes. A pair of burlap carpets tied this sandy kitchen to the rest of the New Jersey home.

7. Stand-Out Backsplash

Graphic tiles make a sufficient focal point in a beach house kitchen. Combine carving details, such as beautiful arch cutouts and pottery, to strengthen the base shelf.

8. Tall Table

With plenty of cabinet space, the farmhouse kitchen features a rustic table instead of a traditional island. When the preparation time is over, take a bench for a relaxing lunch break.

9. Blue Paradise

Open shelves may be risky, but bright blue bursts make bolder statements and play well from simple white tables, shelves and equipment.

10. Added Color

White cabinets don’t have to look bland. Pale green backsplash echoes Josef Frank’s brave wallpaper in this family-friendly home. The built-in bookshelves on the island also keep cookbooks close by.